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First Time Using E-Bay.

Well E-Bay has been around for just about 15 years now and I am probable just about the last person to give it a try. Hell even my father has used it and he still uses AOL’s program to log on the the internet and check his mail. To make is a little more sad, I make web pages for a living. Thats right I spend all day sitting at a pc/laptop and have never tried out this wonderful thing called E-Bay so many others have talked about. But just the other day I came across a deal that I could not pass up! I found a 32GB micro SD card for about $21, hell at that price I did not care if it was a class 2 or a class 8. Now i was hoping for a class 8 but really at that price I was betting on it being a class 2. Even if I did not like the way if worked in my HTC Hero I would of just put it in to an mp3 player ad called it good.

So about 2 days after I ordered the card I go an E-mail from E-bay saying the item has been pulled and that I should start the refund process asap. But I thought what the hell I am going to give this a shot and wait it out.
So I sent the the guy an E-Mail asking what the deal was and now it has been 3 days and I still have not got an E-Mail back and I guess I am going to give up and call it good.

I would have to say that as this being my first time using E-Bay I am not all in to it. I guess I will just stick to what I have thought all along. Nothing bets going to Frys and knowing what you are getting.

So if you know of any good deals of micro sd cards let me know!

Acer Aspire 3680 Cant Read 4GB SDHC

So I am working on my mothers laptop trying to clean it out and make sure all things are working good. It is a Acer Aspire 3680 and about 2 1/2 years old but I must say for what it is, it has to be one of the better basic laptop I have seen for the price. Well its great all un tell you want to add more than 2 GB of ram. But hey that is a nother story all on its own. And to be fare its not a big deal, I would say if your running vista and about the most you are going to do is watch youtube and open firefox you really dont need more than two. I just like to see 4GB or more on laptops.

But I came across two ways to fix this and both did not work.
But hey I hope it does for someone. Or better yet if you have a fix let me know!

Fix 1:
1: Make sure all drivers are up to date!!

2:Now you need to edit registry to change SD card settings.
Run regedit. Key you want to edit is located in:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Co­ ntrolSet001\Services\tifm21\Parame­ ters
Original Key Value: SDParam = 16 (Decimal)
New Key Value: SDParam = 1

3:Restart your pc.

Well this did not work for me it might work for you. Just test it when your done and if it did not work change the SDParm back to 16.

Fix 2: Was just point less and did not work.

1: Download and install the most up to date driver you can find.

And I am typing this I found a 3rd fix, but it is past 12:30am and I have to be up in 4 hours so I will have to try after a few hours of sleep. But here is a link

You can try it out if you have this problem and let us know how it goes.

I will also update this post after giving it a try and let everyone know how it goes.

Dreamweaver CS4 BUG!

We all know it never hurts to make a back up and we all know we should do it more often. Here is a good reason why! Today I was working on my personal website at work. (Just getting around to adding content and stuff) when I went to save a few changes I have made to see how the looked. That’s when it happened Dreamweaver asked me if I wanted to save the changes that have been made to some of the files connected to my main html file. (On a side note: Does anyone else use that cool feature? And if not is there a way to turn it off?) Anyway I said sure save the files. That’s where things went wrong, it saved all the old files (CSS and .js) that no longer go with my site. I was in a world of hurt when I went to may page and seen that nothing was working rite or at all..

I spent the last half of my day thinking my site was all kinds of fucked and to make matters worse. I could not remember everything in my custom .js files. I added things in there just in case I wanted to use them.

Lucky for me I had a back up of the files. To bad I did not remember that until after I spent 2 hours searching the internet looking for a fix.

So the lesson here would be.

1) Read before you say yes.
2) Make sure you are changing the files Dreamweaver is about to save.
3) Back up, back up, back up. You never know when you are going to use it.

But just in case you do have this problem here is where you MAY be able to find your old files.

C:\Users\[Your User Account]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Dreamweaver CS4\en_US\Configuration\ServerConnections\[FTP Name / Name Of Site]

From what I have found there is no real way to fix this bug and it happens at random times. So just keep your eye out. Or you could just go for CS5!! I know I cant wait to get my hands on that.

Full Page Coda Slider Effect

This is a full page Coda Slider that works well in all browsers. Well up untill you hit IE5.5.. But who really uses that anymore?

First a little back story.

I have been working on my site and trying to come up with a design that I truly like. That is when I found a site (thanks to a co-worker) called CarrotCreative . So I took a little look at there code and was hoping to break it down and strip it of everything but what I wanted in a site. That was a no go and killed about a week of my time.

So then I started thinking and I remember coming across the Coda Slider and thought that is about what I want just not in a full page form so I go to work building the page from scratch using the files you can find at jQuery For Designers

What I did.

  • Moved the navigation to the top
  • Removed all images (are being called in by css & jquery)
  • Moved content box to top/left
  • Made slide work in most browsers.
  • Adjusted the css and js so content would slide in to place from off page

I think that is about it for the changes I made. I’m sure if you look at the test page I am going to link you to and the test page of where I got the files you will see a big change. I also wanted to make this as easy a possible for others to use. So I tried to keep it to the basics in hopes of making it easy for you to customize in your own way.

This site does rely a lot on java script and jquery but for us that care, the page will work even with javascript off. (Well it does for me in firefox) but as you can guess it does not look as nice.

Some things you should know.

You can change the speed kind of easy. Just go to js/coda-slider.js and look on line 85. You will see

“duration: 500,” Just change the 500 to any other number. Keep in mind this is in milliseconds so a low number will make the page slide fast and larger numbers will make the page go slow.

You will see two div’s tha will hold the content. with the ids of

  • fix-size
  • fix-size2

This was my work around for getting it to look good. If you are going to add another tab you will need to change the width of div id “fix-this”. As it is now it is at 4000px

Well I think that is about it. I will now send you to the test site so you can see that it looks like and give you a link to download the files needed.

Full Slide Test Site


The Download

Site Preview

If you like it / hate it / have a problem / just want to say thanks / or anything else just leave a comment.

And I would like to give most credit to Remy seeing that this is mostly his code!

You can find him on twitter to say thanks.

I will also be making a part 2 of this. The next template will have images / some cool things added and most of all bring me one step closer to having my main site done!

Hello world!

WoW, I started out my day planing  on spending only a few hours on my mobile site witch I was up until 5am working on.  Then getting to setting up my blog. But the more I played around the more I wanted to add, then It started to take on a shape in witch I did not plan so I had to scale it down a touch. After all It is a mobile site.  There are still a few things I need to work out.  Such as all the error pages / mini contact form? / Setting up a few links of where to find me and so on.  So I called it good for now.  You should take a look and let me know what you think!  And let me know what kind of phone you are on. So if there is a problem I can look in to it. :) So I started working on my blog and that its self came with a few problems.  Do I want to go with blog.james—-  or just have it  As I am sure you can see, I went with /blog but that might change (maybe?).  Also my laptop started giving my problems, for some reason it stopped being able to open folders.  Then I had to make mobiles redirect and pick a theme. (It will be changing a bit until I get the chance to make my own).

But anyway, I have gone on for far to long just to say HI.

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