My name is James Riter and I am a Las Vegas web designer and programmer.

Most of the time this blog or My Facebook will be the best way to keep up on my life. (So only my mom will be reading this)

But there are a few things I have in the works.
I am building my own CMS, well I have V1 of Proclarush I am re doing all the code so I am make a lot of improvements. IF you are a designer and have a small project coming up let me know. I would like some one to test my system and tell me where it needs more work.

I am going to be making a lot of changes to my site The SEO Hero. As it stands not it is just a pointless blog that I never touch. I was hoping to make it more of my own freelance site but I am going to make it a 3 part site. The main will just be basic SEO information, the second will be a blog that I will let a few other trusted people blog on about SEO work, the the theried will be a SEO twitter. I am still a ways from getting that done but I cant wait to see how it goes.

I am also going to recode my main site. I love the way it looks now but it is so slow I am sure it makes me look like I have no idea how to code a single thing. When I am done it will look the some but move a lot faster! (I hope!)

I still have no idea what I am going to do with this site but I am sure I will come up with a better idea than I site that I just use for testing.