Well I have not had much time to post on here. :( But I really should do a little more updating seeing that I am learning a lot with some of the projects I am working on.

I have kind of put my baby CMS on hold and moved over to building on WordPress do to there being so many addons I can use but hope to pick it up again when I get time.

I have also not really had a lot of time to play around with Android that much but this is more of a I want a new phone and am waiting until Sprint comes out with something worth giving up my Hero.

So I have made a new site called Zombies Are Sexy and it has been a lot of fun!! I am even looking for a few other people to post on it. After I am done redesigning the zombie site and done working on a lawyer site I will be starting my next project. (tell you more about that latter. :) )

But well I have been working on the zombie site I have found how important it is to have a site that you are just working on for the fun of it. I enjoy coding and enjoy design but it really is good to have a project that you do not have to think about ranks and can just go with it.

Well I still do keep up on how many views the site gets and enjoy seeing how people are finding me on google, at the end of the day I can just sit back and relax and have fun.

So I think everyone should start a page that is just for fun.