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How To Restore Verizon Galaxy Tab Back To Stock

If you are here the odds are you are looking to take your Verzion Galaxy Tab back to the default setup for one reason or another.

Here are the steps you will need to take.

First let’s make sure you have all the files and things are set up for this.


Download Heimdall from Here, this is the program you are going to use to flash the needed files to your Galaxy Tab. I am putting the version I use on my sever just in case. :)

But here is a link to the developers page so you can download the original if you want.

You will also need  Microsoft C++ This also needs installed on your machine because it has .dll files Heimdall uses. (I use Windows 7 and did not need to install this [I think])

Now you will need to install the drivers the is also needed for Heimdall. unzip heimdall and go into the drivers folder where you will see zadig.exe. Run this.

At the top you see options. Click “list all devices”
Then in the dropdown select Android USB composite device (or whatever it says). (NOT mass storage)

Click start and let heimdall download/install the drivers.

Files You Are Going To Flash To Your Tab

Here is where you  are going to download the files needed to flash to you tab.  There are four files in total.


  • cache.rfs
  • param.lfs
  • system.rfs
  • zImage

Ok, Let’s get to flashing over the files and getting your tab back to normal. :)

1:  Connect your tab to your PC

2:  Launch your tab into download as it is already connected to your PC. (Do this by holding the volume down and pushing the power button)

3:  Go in to the folder ” heimdall” and start ” heimdall-frontend.exe”

4: Set up the files you are about to flash to the tab in side of heimdall.  It should look something like this.



  • zImage goes in both the Kernel AND Recovery slot.
  • system.rfs goes in Factoryfs
  • Param.lfs goes in Param.lfs
  • cache goes in the cache slot.

Heimdall Frontend Setup

5:  After you have the files in place click start to flash. ALWAYS make sure your battery is sufficiently charged or you will have MAJOR problems. (I had to push start a few times.)
After this runs you will more than likely boot loop. Power down, wait a few seconds and hold power and up volume to boot into recovery. (NOTE, do not hold power too long, just long enough to turn it on, then continue holding up volume till you see recovery. WIPE DATA AND CACHE. Tab should boot.

Note, if heimdall fails at the very beginning, just try unplugging and turning off the tab, close, and relaunch heimdall. it will eventually start. sometimes you just need the right combo of plugging in launching the program.

After this is should be just like you took it out of the box, other than still having root access. :)

Hope this helps!

Aslo, I did not do any of the work here other than test it out and retype what is on this site to make it available to those on XDA and if you read my blog.

All credit should go to mike919 at for putting this together!!

You can view his post here.

I Got The Galaxy Tab

Been spending the past few weeks with the Galaxy Tab! :)

In the short time I have had it, it has went from being the number one Android tablet on the market to being second best. (Xoom) But to tell the truth I think that is only a matter of how you look at it.
For me I love the size of the tab and after playing with the xoom I dont think I would like holding that as much as I do the tab. I think the GT is just the right size and it runs great.

In the past few weeks I have had my tab running great and I have bricked it a few times. :) I know that is a odd thing to smile about but I like running in to the problems.

I will post a little post more about this latter but I just want to say, this is a device that is a must have!

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