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Why When shopping online I did not use amazon

So last night I was looking around online for a car dock for my new Samsung Galaxy Tab and Amazon had some great deals. So great that I would say there are about to good to pass up!

I’m talking about 2 rubber cases, 2 screen protesters, a home charger, car charger and a pen to use.  All that for about $15 and  a car dock for about $23 (50% cheaper then going to Best Buy) and I was about to check out wit hall that added to my cart.  But after looking around for a little bit I could not see they take Pay Pal!

Im not saying Pay Pal is the king of online shopping but when I do anything online I like to use the same thing every where.  And to top it off I have a few people pay me with paypal so it makes it easy for me so spend that money online when the places I go will use that.


Bottom line I am sad that Amazon did not take Pay Pal and wanted me to get my card out or sign up for a nother online shopping thing.


Looks like I will stick to E-Bay.

James Riter Does Who Pees In The Shower

Well, I have started a new site that I am doing for fun.

Who Pees In The Shower


First thing you have to know is this just just for fun. :)   I was standing around at home one day and started to think how many people really pee in the shower. . . (Lets not talk about what I was doing . . lol)  So that was the start of it, right of the bat I knew I would want a little help dealing with the data base so I talked to a friend that I work with to see if he would be willing to put in a little time and come up with the proper form and database for the site to use.

At first he really did not seem in to the idea but after he got home and was. . . (guess away) he changed his mind. .


So that was the start of :)

I had Robert take care of the form and database for the form well I did the design / coding, both us us have added in our own custom PHP with his dealing with the form and mine dealing with the twitter feed and customizing wordpress.


The point of the site is just to smile and see the numbers and facts. :)


There has been one thing I have learned from this site and that is.

It is easy to come up with an idea and fun to make that idea come to life but marketing that idea is not as easy as it would sound.

Well I do think a lot of people would enjoy coming to the site and voting and adding in little bits of information or there own stories when they can. I have not had any real luck getting people to spread the word. :(

But that is good and bad, I now having a testing ground and a way to see what gets your name out there and what does not.


All in all it was a fun site to code and is some thing I do plan adding to as often as I get a chance.


Until then, go to to vote and comment!!


James Riter


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