So last night I was looking around online for a car dock for my new Samsung Galaxy Tab and Amazon had some great deals. So great that I would say there are about to good to pass up!

I’m talking about 2 rubber cases, 2 screen protesters, a home charger, car charger and a pen to use.  All that for about $15 and  a car dock for about $23 (50% cheaper then going to Best Buy) and I was about to check out wit hall that added to my cart.  But after looking around for a little bit I could not see they take Pay Pal!

Im not saying Pay Pal is the king of online shopping but when I do anything online I like to use the same thing every where.  And to top it off I have a few people pay me with paypal so it makes it easy for me so spend that money online when the places I go will use that.


Bottom line I am sad that Amazon did not take Pay Pal and wanted me to get my card out or sign up for a nother online shopping thing.


Looks like I will stick to E-Bay.