So the other day I was driving like myself going down the 15 in Vegas. . . . This means I was going a little fast and being a bit of an ass. >_>  And that s when it happened!! Some big ass truck got rite up on my ass and well I had no idea what to think!!  I mean its not often someone catches up to me. lol   But after what seemed like a long time the red and blue light came on. . :(


I was sure I was going to get a ticket and what would of been a big fine…..


So the cop came to the passenger side and had my girlfriend and kid role down there windows. . .

On a side note: My kid looked really cute sitting there with his headphones on!  :)


Then he pointed to me and told me to get out of the car, as I got to the back of the car he started out by saying “How would you like me to take you to jail rite now?” and my heart fell to the ground.


After that this cop talked to me like no other cop has in m life .(Ive had to talk to a few) He talked to me as if he was a father, as if he really did care and most of all like he was upset that me as a human would drive that way.   It was easy to tell he was upset and to tell the truth he had every rite to be.

He went on about how I was putting my kid in danger, my *wife* (This was not the time to correct someone) in danger and could kill someone else mother.  But again he was not just yelling to yell!!  He was coming across as a man that really did care and that kind of made me think.


At the end of it all the looks me in the eyes and tells me “I better never see you driving like that again!” and I sure hope he does not. He did not check my driver license or ask my name.


Well I still drive a little more aggressive than others I can   say I have slowed a lot and most of all would like the chance to thank him!

He could of put me in jail or he could of given me a ticket, but he showed that he really did care and that is something you do not see a lot of.