If you know me, you know I really really dont like Apple at all! But must of all I really HATE Apply fan boys, so I will be the first to make a joke here and there about the passing of Steve Jobs.


Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs


Now I was an Palm fanboy for many many years until I moved to Android,  so ever chance I get I am talking shit about Apple and Steve Jobs. :)

But facts are facts and the Iphone has moved the world in a very good way when it comes to smart phones and that is really what matters.  So even if I do see Apple as the company that killed off Palm (Other than Palm dropping the ball SO many times) It is a sad thing this man has passed away.  This is coming from the true tech inside of me. If Apple was not around with the Iphone we may still be stuck with the out dated PalmOS and Android would not of had to fight so hard to be what it is today.

So again if you know me, you know I will joke about it, I will talk shit about Apple and I will even make fun of the Apple fanboys that are crying with there Macs in hand but I do wish the best for his family and friends. .

So RIP Steve Jobs, and thanks for the hard work!


If you are asking why am I righting this. . .  well someone said I was being an ass for making fun of Apple. . . . I think I said something about how Apple killed him by putting out the Iphone4s and it being such a peace of shit that the old man could not take it. lol


But I want it to be clear, I dont like how Steve was so controlling with the software and I think it matters a lot more when men and women die to keep us safe (cops, army and so on) but hey Steve did do a really good job at upping the game for the mobile world so he should get  thanks for that. Even if he could only ware one shirt in the past 15 years. . . .