Well here is a fun site I have been working on for a great fishing company down in Louisiana, its called Louisiana Deep Sea Fishing. Doing the design for this was on the easy side and the coding was next to no work at all but trying to find out what people want out of  a charter site was where I really had to work. :)

Now I am not the fishing kind of guy nor do I want to spend the day at sea so I had/have to do resaerch to find out what I should be adding to this site.

But it turns out that the people looking for charters dont want a lot of things we add to sites all the time like FaceBook Fan Page, Twitter, Google+ , Digg and so on and so on. you know all that SM stuff. Most people looking to Charter a boat are just looking for facts and looking a quick way to get in contact with the company.


I kind of had to think of my dad on this one, when he is looking for something online he does not want to have a hundred pages on a site to look at, in fact he just wants to look at the site see if they can do what he wants and call them. So this Louisiana offshore fishing  site is for you guys that just want something that works.