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COX Internet Will NOT Teleport You Through Time And Space

Well not much else to say but DAMN!! Looks like I am no longer going to upgrade my internet. :(

COX Internet Will NOT Teleport You Through Time And Space

COX Internet Will NOT Teleport You Through Time And Space

Louisiana Deep Sea Fishing

Well here is a fun site I have been working on for a great fishing company down in Louisiana, its called Louisiana Deep Sea Fishing. Doing the design for this was on the easy side and the coding was next to no work at all but trying to find out what people want out of  a charter site was where I really had to work. :)

Now I am not the fishing kind of guy nor do I want to spend the day at sea so I had/have to do resaerch to find out what I should be adding to this site.

But it turns out that the people looking for charters dont want a lot of things we add to sites all the time like FaceBook Fan Page, Twitter, Google+ , Digg and so on and so on. you know all that SM stuff. Most people looking to Charter a boat are just looking for facts and looking a quick way to get in contact with the company.


I kind of had to think of my dad on this one, when he is looking for something online he does not want to have a hundred pages on a site to look at, in fact he just wants to look at the site see if they can do what he wants and call them. So this Louisiana offshore fishing  site is for you guys that just want something that works.


RIP Steve Jobs

If you know me, you know I really really dont like Apple at all! But must of all I really HATE Apply fan boys, so I will be the first to make a joke here and there about the passing of Steve Jobs.


Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs


Now I was an Palm fanboy for many many years until I moved to Android,  so ever chance I get I am talking shit about Apple and Steve Jobs. :)

But facts are facts and the Iphone has moved the world in a very good way when it comes to smart phones and that is really what matters.  So even if I do see Apple as the company that killed off Palm (Other than Palm dropping the ball SO many times) It is a sad thing this man has passed away.  This is coming from the true tech inside of me. If Apple was not around with the Iphone we may still be stuck with the out dated PalmOS and Android would not of had to fight so hard to be what it is today.

So again if you know me, you know I will joke about it, I will talk shit about Apple and I will even make fun of the Apple fanboys that are crying with there Macs in hand but I do wish the best for his family and friends. .

So RIP Steve Jobs, and thanks for the hard work!


If you are asking why am I righting this. . .  well someone said I was being an ass for making fun of Apple. . . . I think I said something about how Apple killed him by putting out the Iphone4s and it being such a peace of shit that the old man could not take it. lol


But I want it to be clear, I dont like how Steve was so controlling with the software and I think it matters a lot more when men and women die to keep us safe (cops, army and so on) but hey Steve did do a really good job at upping the game for the mobile world so he should get  thanks for that. Even if he could only ware one shirt in the past 15 years. . . .

Hiding Sidebar On Certain Page In WordPress

I have been working on a site the past few weeks and ran in to a little bit of a problem that I am sure lots of us had had before.

I am using WordPress and have designed every thing and set up all my sidebars just the way I want them and just at the end of the project the client

says to me that they want a few pages to be shown with out the sidebars. . . . So I did a little searching and this is by far the best way I have found to do this.



In your theme folder make a file called



At the top of the file add this -

Template Name: Wide Page


Now add in all the code from your “page.php” under that


Remove the side bar code and give the containing div a extra class or change the id, I just added “wide” to it.

and save the file.


STEP 5: Go to the page in the admin panel that needed the code removed and you will see there is a extra “Page Attribute” called “Template

Template Wide View

Template Wide View


Here you will be able to pick the new “wide page”  Template and have just that page go off of the new code.

Pick “wide page” and save.


That is all there is to it, now I have to do a few things for the css but all in all it saved a lot of time and this is something I will be working in to more themes that I build. :)


The key here is this page of code,


Template Name: Wide Page

I also made a file called page-small.php and added this to the top.

Template Name: Small Page

and was able to have a 3rd page to work with. :)


Well I hope this helps out others just as it has helped me out and have a great time making fun sites!

James Riter

The Cop That Changed The Way I Drive

So the other day I was driving like myself going down the 15 in Vegas. . . . This means I was going a little fast and being a bit of an ass. >_>  And that s when it happened!! Some big ass truck got rite up on my ass and well I had no idea what to think!!  I mean its not often someone catches up to me. lol   But after what seemed like a long time the red and blue light came on. . :(


I was sure I was going to get a ticket and what would of been a big fine…..


So the cop came to the passenger side and had my girlfriend and kid role down there windows. . .

On a side note: My kid looked really cute sitting there with his headphones on!  :)


Then he pointed to me and told me to get out of the car, as I got to the back of the car he started out by saying “How would you like me to take you to jail rite now?” and my heart fell to the ground.


After that this cop talked to me like no other cop has in m life .(Ive had to talk to a few) He talked to me as if he was a father, as if he really did care and most of all like he was upset that me as a human would drive that way.   It was easy to tell he was upset and to tell the truth he had every rite to be.

He went on about how I was putting my kid in danger, my *wife* (This was not the time to correct someone) in danger and could kill someone else mother.  But again he was not just yelling to yell!!  He was coming across as a man that really did care and that kind of made me think.


At the end of it all the looks me in the eyes and tells me “I better never see you driving like that again!” and I sure hope he does not. He did not check my driver license or ask my name.


Well I still drive a little more aggressive than others I can   say I have slowed a lot and most of all would like the chance to thank him!

He could of put me in jail or he could of given me a ticket, but he showed that he really did care and that is something you do not see a lot of.


Why When shopping online I did not use amazon

So last night I was looking around online for a car dock for my new Samsung Galaxy Tab and Amazon had some great deals. So great that I would say there are about to good to pass up!

I’m talking about 2 rubber cases, 2 screen protesters, a home charger, car charger and a pen to use.  All that for about $15 and  a car dock for about $23 (50% cheaper then going to Best Buy) and I was about to check out wit hall that added to my cart.  But after looking around for a little bit I could not see they take Pay Pal!

Im not saying Pay Pal is the king of online shopping but when I do anything online I like to use the same thing every where.  And to top it off I have a few people pay me with paypal so it makes it easy for me so spend that money online when the places I go will use that.


Bottom line I am sad that Amazon did not take Pay Pal and wanted me to get my card out or sign up for a nother online shopping thing.


Looks like I will stick to E-Bay.

James Riter Does Who Pees In The Shower

Well, I have started a new site that I am doing for fun.

Who Pees In The Shower


First thing you have to know is this just just for fun. :)   I was standing around at home one day and started to think how many people really pee in the shower. . . (Lets not talk about what I was doing . . lol)  So that was the start of it, right of the bat I knew I would want a little help dealing with the data base so I talked to a friend that I work with to see if he would be willing to put in a little time and come up with the proper form and database for the site to use.

At first he really did not seem in to the idea but after he got home and was. . . (guess away) he changed his mind. .


So that was the start of :)

I had Robert take care of the form and database for the form well I did the design / coding, both us us have added in our own custom PHP with his dealing with the form and mine dealing with the twitter feed and customizing wordpress.


The point of the site is just to smile and see the numbers and facts. :)


There has been one thing I have learned from this site and that is.

It is easy to come up with an idea and fun to make that idea come to life but marketing that idea is not as easy as it would sound.

Well I do think a lot of people would enjoy coming to the site and voting and adding in little bits of information or there own stories when they can. I have not had any real luck getting people to spread the word. :(

But that is good and bad, I now having a testing ground and a way to see what gets your name out there and what does not.


All in all it was a fun site to code and is some thing I do plan adding to as often as I get a chance.


Until then, go to to vote and comment!!


James Riter


How To Restore Verizon Galaxy Tab Back To Stock

If you are here the odds are you are looking to take your Verzion Galaxy Tab back to the default setup for one reason or another.

Here are the steps you will need to take.

First let’s make sure you have all the files and things are set up for this.


Download Heimdall from Here, this is the program you are going to use to flash the needed files to your Galaxy Tab. I am putting the version I use on my sever just in case. :)

But here is a link to the developers page so you can download the original if you want.

You will also need  Microsoft C++ This also needs installed on your machine because it has .dll files Heimdall uses. (I use Windows 7 and did not need to install this [I think])

Now you will need to install the drivers the is also needed for Heimdall. unzip heimdall and go into the drivers folder where you will see zadig.exe. Run this.

At the top you see options. Click “list all devices”
Then in the dropdown select Android USB composite device (or whatever it says). (NOT mass storage)

Click start and let heimdall download/install the drivers.

Files You Are Going To Flash To Your Tab

Here is where you  are going to download the files needed to flash to you tab.  There are four files in total.


  • cache.rfs
  • param.lfs
  • system.rfs
  • zImage

Ok, Let’s get to flashing over the files and getting your tab back to normal. :)

1:  Connect your tab to your PC

2:  Launch your tab into download as it is already connected to your PC. (Do this by holding the volume down and pushing the power button)

3:  Go in to the folder ” heimdall” and start ” heimdall-frontend.exe”

4: Set up the files you are about to flash to the tab in side of heimdall.  It should look something like this.



  • zImage goes in both the Kernel AND Recovery slot.
  • system.rfs goes in Factoryfs
  • Param.lfs goes in Param.lfs
  • cache goes in the cache slot.

Heimdall Frontend Setup

5:  After you have the files in place click start to flash. ALWAYS make sure your battery is sufficiently charged or you will have MAJOR problems. (I had to push start a few times.)
After this runs you will more than likely boot loop. Power down, wait a few seconds and hold power and up volume to boot into recovery. (NOTE, do not hold power too long, just long enough to turn it on, then continue holding up volume till you see recovery. WIPE DATA AND CACHE. Tab should boot.

Note, if heimdall fails at the very beginning, just try unplugging and turning off the tab, close, and relaunch heimdall. it will eventually start. sometimes you just need the right combo of plugging in launching the program.

After this is should be just like you took it out of the box, other than still having root access. :)

Hope this helps!

Aslo, I did not do any of the work here other than test it out and retype what is on this site to make it available to those on XDA and if you read my blog.

All credit should go to mike919 at for putting this together!!

You can view his post here.

I Got The Galaxy Tab

Been spending the past few weeks with the Galaxy Tab! :)

In the short time I have had it, it has went from being the number one Android tablet on the market to being second best. (Xoom) But to tell the truth I think that is only a matter of how you look at it.
For me I love the size of the tab and after playing with the xoom I dont think I would like holding that as much as I do the tab. I think the GT is just the right size and it runs great.

In the past few weeks I have had my tab running great and I have bricked it a few times. :) I know that is a odd thing to smile about but I like running in to the problems.

I will post a little post more about this latter but I just want to say, this is a device that is a must have!

Making a site just for fun

Well I have not had much time to post on here. :( But I really should do a little more updating seeing that I am learning a lot with some of the projects I am working on.

I have kind of put my baby CMS on hold and moved over to building on WordPress do to there being so many addons I can use but hope to pick it up again when I get time.

I have also not really had a lot of time to play around with Android that much but this is more of a I want a new phone and am waiting until Sprint comes out with something worth giving up my Hero.

So I have made a new site called Zombies Are Sexy and it has been a lot of fun!! I am even looking for a few other people to post on it. After I am done redesigning the zombie site and done working on a lawyer site I will be starting my next project. (tell you more about that latter. :) )

But well I have been working on the zombie site I have found how important it is to have a site that you are just working on for the fun of it. I enjoy coding and enjoy design but it really is good to have a project that you do not have to think about ranks and can just go with it.

Well I still do keep up on how many views the site gets and enjoy seeing how people are finding me on google, at the end of the day I can just sit back and relax and have fun.

So I think everyone should start a page that is just for fun.

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