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COX Internet Will NOT Teleport You Through Time And Space

Well not much else to say but DAMN!! Looks like I am no longer going to upgrade my internet. :(

COX Internet Will NOT Teleport You Through Time And Space

COX Internet Will NOT Teleport You Through Time And Space

The Cop That Changed The Way I Drive

So the other day I was driving like myself going down the 15 in Vegas. . . . This means I was going a little fast and being a bit of an ass. >_>  And that s when it happened!! Some big ass truck got rite up on my ass and well I had no idea what to think!!  I mean its not often someone catches up to me. lol   But after what seemed like a long time the red and blue light came on. . :(


I was sure I was going to get a ticket and what would of been a big fine…..


So the cop came to the passenger side and had my girlfriend and kid role down there windows. . .

On a side note: My kid looked really cute sitting there with his headphones on!  :)


Then he pointed to me and told me to get out of the car, as I got to the back of the car he started out by saying “How would you like me to take you to jail rite now?” and my heart fell to the ground.


After that this cop talked to me like no other cop has in m life .(Ive had to talk to a few) He talked to me as if he was a father, as if he really did care and most of all like he was upset that me as a human would drive that way.   It was easy to tell he was upset and to tell the truth he had every rite to be.

He went on about how I was putting my kid in danger, my *wife* (This was not the time to correct someone) in danger and could kill someone else mother.  But again he was not just yelling to yell!!  He was coming across as a man that really did care and that kind of made me think.


At the end of it all the looks me in the eyes and tells me “I better never see you driving like that again!” and I sure hope he does not. He did not check my driver license or ask my name.


Well I still drive a little more aggressive than others I can   say I have slowed a lot and most of all would like the chance to thank him!

He could of put me in jail or he could of given me a ticket, but he showed that he really did care and that is something you do not see a lot of.


Why When shopping online I did not use amazon

So last night I was looking around online for a car dock for my new Samsung Galaxy Tab and Amazon had some great deals. So great that I would say there are about to good to pass up!

I’m talking about 2 rubber cases, 2 screen protesters, a home charger, car charger and a pen to use.  All that for about $15 and  a car dock for about $23 (50% cheaper then going to Best Buy) and I was about to check out wit hall that added to my cart.  But after looking around for a little bit I could not see they take Pay Pal!

Im not saying Pay Pal is the king of online shopping but when I do anything online I like to use the same thing every where.  And to top it off I have a few people pay me with paypal so it makes it easy for me so spend that money online when the places I go will use that.


Bottom line I am sad that Amazon did not take Pay Pal and wanted me to get my card out or sign up for a nother online shopping thing.


Looks like I will stick to E-Bay.

I Got The Galaxy Tab

Been spending the past few weeks with the Galaxy Tab! :)

In the short time I have had it, it has went from being the number one Android tablet on the market to being second best. (Xoom) But to tell the truth I think that is only a matter of how you look at it.
For me I love the size of the tab and after playing with the xoom I dont think I would like holding that as much as I do the tab. I think the GT is just the right size and it runs great.

In the past few weeks I have had my tab running great and I have bricked it a few times. :) I know that is a odd thing to smile about but I like running in to the problems.

I will post a little post more about this latter but I just want to say, this is a device that is a must have!

Making a site just for fun

Well I have not had much time to post on here. :( But I really should do a little more updating seeing that I am learning a lot with some of the projects I am working on.

I have kind of put my baby CMS on hold and moved over to building on WordPress do to there being so many addons I can use but hope to pick it up again when I get time.

I have also not really had a lot of time to play around with Android that much but this is more of a I want a new phone and am waiting until Sprint comes out with something worth giving up my Hero.

So I have made a new site called Zombies Are Sexy and it has been a lot of fun!! I am even looking for a few other people to post on it. After I am done redesigning the zombie site and done working on a lawyer site I will be starting my next project. (tell you more about that latter. :) )

But well I have been working on the zombie site I have found how important it is to have a site that you are just working on for the fun of it. I enjoy coding and enjoy design but it really is good to have a project that you do not have to think about ranks and can just go with it.

Well I still do keep up on how many views the site gets and enjoy seeing how people are finding me on google, at the end of the day I can just sit back and relax and have fun.

So I think everyone should start a page that is just for fun.

Links Overflowing On Chrome And IE

What to do when long links start to over flow in to the rest of your page.

This is going to be a little of a short post but I ran in to a problem that seems to of only happen in a few browsers.. Or better put it does not happen in Firefox.

The problem is that when I am pulling in my Twitter feed the links seem to go all kinds of crazy across the site.
Here is the code (or close to) that gets printed in on my site.

<li class="tweets">James_Riter: Cool Full Page Coda Slider! With demo and files to download. 
<a href="" target="_blank"></a></li>
<li class="tweets"><a href="" target="_blank"></a></li>
<li class="tweets">James_Riter: Setting up a Desktop over the weekend did not go so well. :( I think I have to buy a new motherboard. <a href="" target="_blank"></a></li>
<li class="tweets"><a href="" target="_blank"></a></li>

So as you see there is nothing out of the normal there ans what you cant see is that all that code is in a side bar the has a width of about 300px.

But in any case lets get to the good simple fix for this problem..


Add that to the cantoning div witch are holding the links. In this case the div that was/is holding the twitter feeds.

What James Riter Has Been Up To

My name is James Riter and I am a Las Vegas web designer and programmer.

Most of the time this blog or My Facebook will be the best way to keep up on my life. (So only my mom will be reading this)

But there are a few things I have in the works.
I am building my own CMS, well I have V1 of Proclarush I am re doing all the code so I am make a lot of improvements. IF you are a designer and have a small project coming up let me know. I would like some one to test my system and tell me where it needs more work.

I am going to be making a lot of changes to my site The SEO Hero. As it stands not it is just a pointless blog that I never touch. I was hoping to make it more of my own freelance site but I am going to make it a 3 part site. The main will just be basic SEO information, the second will be a blog that I will let a few other trusted people blog on about SEO work, the the theried will be a SEO twitter. I am still a ways from getting that done but I cant wait to see how it goes.

I am also going to recode my main site. I love the way it looks now but it is so slow I am sure it makes me look like I have no idea how to code a single thing. When I am done it will look the some but move a lot faster! (I hope!)

I still have no idea what I am going to do with this site but I am sure I will come up with a better idea than I site that I just use for testing.

Speeding Ticket In Las Vegas NV

We have all been there, One minute you are driving down the street (maybe a little fast) minding your own business and the next minute you are getting pulled pulled over and have a list of charges miles long.

There are a few things I have learned about getting pulled over in Las Vegas or North Las Vegas.

  • 1: Cops want to give you a ticket.
  • 2: You’re not going to walk away with just a speeding ticket.
  • 3: It is best to have someone go to court for you!
  • 4: Speeding tickets WILL cost you a lot of money!

So let’s cover this one at a time.

Number 1:  Copes want to give you a ticket.

We have all heard the jokes about it being the end of the month so cops need to make the payroll. But how much of a joke is that really?  I got pulled over for my back light being out and drove away feeling like I just got fucked over.  I know cops are not out to hurt us but they are also not there to listen to us. To the cop that pulled me over it did not matter that I was driving a friend’s car that was from out of state. I guess when he was in town for a few days he should have registered his car in Las Vegas so I could run to the gas station.  If the cop was out there really wanting to do good I think it would have been great for him to say. “Just wanted to let you know your back light is out” and called it good. But he had to run all my information and see what he could hit me with.

Number 2:  You’re not going to walk away with just a speeding ticket.

You know that it never happens that you will walk away with a speeding ticket and that’s it. It is a cops job to find things wrong and when they pull you over that’s just what they are going to do.  Just keep that in mind. It is there job to give you tickets and that will never change.

Number 3: It is best to have someone go to court for you!

I design WebPages and do SEO work. I have next to no idea what should be done in court and what is the best way to handle things.  And most people are just like me on this one. We have all been told to plead not guilty to speeding ticket but what do you do after that and more so does it really help?

I have seen it go both ways. I have seen it hurt and help a person and when it hurts it really hurts them.

The first time I had someone go to court for me I got really fucked! The guy did not show up and got a warrant for me and in the end just said “guilty” for me.

This last time (Ok it’s been 2 times) I have called a guy named Rick at Law Offices of Paul J. Adras and let me tell you it really does matter who goes to court for you.

I had a warrant for not showing up to court and needed to get it fixed without paying the thousand dollars the court wanted me to pay. So I started to make a few calls and well I thought I was going to jail. Everyone wanted like $700.00 just to take care of the warrant.  Then I found Rick at Paul J. Adras Law Office and they took care of it really fast and cost me about 1 tenth of the court wanted. (That about $100.00 for the lazy people like me)  And if you ask me that is better than waiting to go to jail or paying a thousand dollars to the court just for forgetting one date.

Number 4: Speeding tickets will cost you a lot of money!

This kind of goes hand in hand with number 3.  One way or another you are going to pay. There is nothing you can do about that. The real question is, how much do you want to pay?   I have gone to court and had it cost me $900.00 and I have had Rick help me get that down to $200.00.

To sum it all up if you live in Vegas you are going to need a good Las Vegas Traffic Attorney and the guys over at The Law Offices of Paul J. Adras, PC are great!  Trust me I have yet to save my work number in my phone (been here for about 2 years) but I saved their number.  They don’t over charge and they are kind and they don’t mess around.

You can contact them with this information

The Law Offices of Paul J. Adras, PC
4532 W. Charleston Blvd.
Las Vegas, Nevada 89102
702 489 2264

Sub Zero Mortal Kombat Rebirth

Well I just got around to watching the new teaser for the upcoming Mortal Kombat movie and I for one think the just might of got it rite this time! Now I know a lot of people are going on and one about how it does not stand true to the original story line. After all Baraka is not from earth or a doctor for that matter and well neither is Scorpion but that in my mind is what makes this one just a litter better then the other Mortal Kombat movies that have been made..(It did not take much for that to happen But I did a little searching around and it was not easy to find a image of the NEW Sub Zero (I looked for 10 secs) so I spent some time on youtube and I got a screen shot of him. :)

Sub Zero Mortal Kombat Rebirth

Sub Zero Rebirth

I cant wait to hear the new story behind him, and I think that they are making them human (even if taking away from the original story line) is a good idea. It makes them more human and real.

Now if I could just find a date when the movie comes out!! I know (hope) my five year old son will enjoy it as much as I think I am going to.

Some of what we know so far:

Johnny Cage dies and it would seem before the movie even starts. lol Does he ever live?

Jax is in it and I how we see him kick some ass!

Sonya Blade is being played be the sexy 7 of 9 (Jeri Lynn Ryan)

Scorpion is going to kick ASS!!!

And all this seems to take place in modern day/ish and kind off had a Batman feel to it.

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