We all know it never hurts to make a back up and we all know we should do it more often. Here is a good reason why! Today I was working on my personal website at work. (Just getting around to adding content and stuff) when I went to save a few changes I have made to see how the looked. That’s when it happened Dreamweaver asked me if I wanted to save the changes that have been made to some of the files connected to my main html file. (On a side note: Does anyone else use that cool feature? And if not is there a way to turn it off?) Anyway I said sure save the files. That’s where things went wrong, it saved all the old files (CSS and .js) that no longer go with my site. I was in a world of hurt when I went to may page and seen that nothing was working rite or at all..

I spent the last half of my day thinking my site was all kinds of fucked and to make matters worse. I could not remember everything in my custom .js files. I added things in there just in case I wanted to use them.

Lucky for me I had a back up of the files. To bad I did not remember that until after I spent 2 hours searching the internet looking for a fix.

So the lesson here would be.

1) Read before you say yes.
2) Make sure you are changing the files Dreamweaver is about to save.
3) Back up, back up, back up. You never know when you are going to use it.

But just in case you do have this problem here is where you MAY be able to find your old files.

C:\Users\[Your User Account]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Dreamweaver CS4\en_US\Configuration\ServerConnections\[FTP Name / Name Of Site]

From what I have found there is no real way to fix this bug and it happens at random times. So just keep your eye out. Or you could just go for CS5!! I know I cant wait to get my hands on that.