Well looks like the CDMA Hero’s life might be coming to an end. Sprint said in there blog today that they would not be updating the moment or Hero to 2.2

Sprints Twitter Post

As a HTC Hero being my main phone I for one think this is BS! I have been using a Palm Pre For the past few days and moved back to the Hero after I got word 2.2 was out for the world to play with. First I was hoping that the great devs at XDA would be working on something (they are, and have done great work so far! :) ) but I really wanted HTC & Sprint to get this working. Just to make it a little more clean and easy for people who are just starting out to work with.

I for one will be updating to 2.2 as soon as there is a good day to day ROM out! As I seen it the Hero is a great phone and I love how it feels in my hand so I will not be upgrading anytime soon. Even if the EVO is a better phone it is far to big and I like having hard buttons.

You can find good ROMs for your Hero at XDA .

If you have a Hero and have never been then you are missing out on what your phone should be.

I will be posting a blog as soon as I get the chance about the difference’s between the HTC Hero and the Palm Pre.