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James Riter Does Who Pees In The Shower

Well, I have started a new site that I am doing for fun.

Who Pees In The Shower


First thing you have to know is this just just for fun. :)   I was standing around at home one day and started to think how many people really pee in the shower. . . (Lets not talk about what I was doing . . lol)  So that was the start of it, right of the bat I knew I would want a little help dealing with the data base so I talked to a friend that I work with to see if he would be willing to put in a little time and come up with the proper form and database for the site to use.

At first he really did not seem in to the idea but after he got home and was. . . (guess away) he changed his mind. .


So that was the start of :)

I had Robert take care of the form and database for the form well I did the design / coding, both us us have added in our own custom PHP with his dealing with the form and mine dealing with the twitter feed and customizing wordpress.


The point of the site is just to smile and see the numbers and facts. :)


There has been one thing I have learned from this site and that is.

It is easy to come up with an idea and fun to make that idea come to life but marketing that idea is not as easy as it would sound.

Well I do think a lot of people would enjoy coming to the site and voting and adding in little bits of information or there own stories when they can. I have not had any real luck getting people to spread the word. :(

But that is good and bad, I now having a testing ground and a way to see what gets your name out there and what does not.


All in all it was a fun site to code and is some thing I do plan adding to as often as I get a chance.


Until then, go to to vote and comment!!


James Riter


Making a site just for fun

Well I have not had much time to post on here. :( But I really should do a little more updating seeing that I am learning a lot with some of the projects I am working on.

I have kind of put my baby CMS on hold and moved over to building on WordPress do to there being so many addons I can use but hope to pick it up again when I get time.

I have also not really had a lot of time to play around with Android that much but this is more of a I want a new phone and am waiting until Sprint comes out with something worth giving up my Hero.

So I have made a new site called Zombies Are Sexy and it has been a lot of fun!! I am even looking for a few other people to post on it. After I am done redesigning the zombie site and done working on a lawyer site I will be starting my next project. (tell you more about that latter. :) )

But well I have been working on the zombie site I have found how important it is to have a site that you are just working on for the fun of it. I enjoy coding and enjoy design but it really is good to have a project that you do not have to think about ranks and can just go with it.

Well I still do keep up on how many views the site gets and enjoy seeing how people are finding me on google, at the end of the day I can just sit back and relax and have fun.

So I think everyone should start a page that is just for fun.

Hello world!

WoW, I started out my day planing  on spending only a few hours on my mobile site witch I was up until 5am working on.  Then getting to setting up my blog. But the more I played around the more I wanted to add, then It started to take on a shape in witch I did not plan so I had to scale it down a touch. After all It is a mobile site.  There are still a few things I need to work out.  Such as all the error pages / mini contact form? / Setting up a few links of where to find me and so on.  So I called it good for now.  You should take a look and let me know what you think!  And let me know what kind of phone you are on. So if there is a problem I can look in to it. :) So I started working on my blog and that its self came with a few problems.  Do I want to go with blog.james—-  or just have it  As I am sure you can see, I went with /blog but that might change (maybe?).  Also my laptop started giving my problems, for some reason it stopped being able to open folders.  Then I had to make mobiles redirect and pick a theme. (It will be changing a bit until I get the chance to make my own).

But anyway, I have gone on for far to long just to say HI.

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