WoW, I started out my day planing  on spending only a few hours on my mobile site witch I was up until 5am working on.  Then getting to setting up my blog. But the more I played around the more I wanted to add, then It started to take on a shape in witch I did not plan so I had to scale it down a touch. After all It is a mobile site.  There are still a few things I need to work out.  Such as all the error pages / mini contact form? / Setting up a few links of where to find me and so on.  So I called it good for now.  You should take a look and let me know what you think!  And let me know what kind of phone you are on. So if there is a problem I can look in to it. :) So I started working on my blog and that its self came with a few problems.  Do I want to go with blog.james—-  or just have it  As I am sure you can see, I went with /blog but that might change (maybe?).  Also my laptop started giving my problems, for some reason it stopped being able to open folders.  Then I had to make mobiles redirect and pick a theme. (It will be changing a bit until I get the chance to make my own).

But anyway, I have gone on for far to long just to say HI.