Proclarush Taonas

Well I have just finished what I am calling Proclarush [If your not a Stargate fan, it means Lost In Fire]

This is my my first try at a CMS and all in all I am very happy with how it has turned out.

Proclarush Taonas Works With NO Database

First I will let you have a link to it so you can get a feel for it and then I will tell you a little about what I have added to it.

First off you should see I kept it at a very basic design, I did this for a reason.  I am building this so that you can design skins for it and change the hole site look with about two lines of code. But this is also a place where I fell a little short. [More about that latter]

Some of what I have added

As you go over the site you will see I wanted to build some of the most basic things needed in any modern website today.  So it has things like.

Guest Book: A simple way for people to say thanks.

Media: I have built in a flash video player and mp3 player for that you can share you media and not have to worry about other hosting sites going down.

Contact Form: There is really two built in but I am only showing one for now. The second one is a popup one that works by clicking on a link.  But both of them have an auto replay to who ever filed out the form and should stop you from getting spam.

Some of the basic things I have added are things like a image popup that is shown on the front page, a mouse over tip by title,  a weather feed, a twitter feed, social links,  and best of all a client back end.

Client Backend

The client back end is one thing that I really like about it.  If you look at the About Us page you will see a little “:)” well you will see it all over the site.  Every where you see that is a spot that the client is able to edit the text from the back end.  I wanted this for a few reasons. For One I know as a designer it is a pain in the ass when you are working with a client and they call you every day wanting something little changes or some “NEW” bit of info on the front page ASAP. So now I am able to tell them they can change it as much as they would like. :)

And another good reason is, well this gives you a chance to help make the client feel like this site is theres two, and with out all the complex things that a lot of heaver weight CMSs have.

There is also a mobile side [still needs a little work] but for the most part it is done.

Have A Mobile Site With Half The Work

My goal is to have a mobile site that depends of the main site. So when I finish content for the home page it will be pulled in to both the full site and the mobile site. You can test it out on your phone or go to to see it. But as I said it is not where I want it to be.

Before I go I would like to talk about the changing of the skins. [I said I would get back to it] As it stands now there is no problem making a new skin for it that will work just fine. The only thing that has its draw backs it you have to copy all the css and js files in to a new folder and change a few links.  But it does give you the freedom the make a full new site well still keeping the main links and content in place witch I kind of liked.

Change Common Information Once And Have It Change Site Wide

Another good thing to point out about Proclarush is that I have  what I call a setting page and in that setting page you are able to change all kinds of things.

Say you have the email address, client name and phone number. Well if you use my system rite you could use all three of them over a hundred time in the site and if your client wants all three changed you will only have to change three lins of code. {I am new to PHP but I am really starting to love the power it has. :) }

Well, I am not sure I am going to release version 1, seeing that I am not going to start working on Version 2! That is going to be based on MVC and a lot of other powerful tool I am learning.

But at the same time I kind of would like a few designers to build around my system so that I can get there input and see where I need to improve what I have made so far.  So if you are a designer and have a small job coming up let me know and we can talk about giving you the files to work with.